Feathering your cast

Hi guys, as I’m new to this blogging stuff I thought I’d start off with some basic tips and techniques to help out our young, up and coming anglers.

Feathering your cast is one I use everytime I cast without fail. I find it makes things a little sweeter when entering the water and also helps slow down your lead in the air thus kicking out your hook length. So how do we do this?


Firstly turn your bale arm so when open it does so downwards away from you giving you maximum room. Cast as normal to your desired spot but as your lead flies threw the air slowly press towards the top of your spool but not trapping it. On the moment just before impact on the water’s surface trap the line and let the rod tip pull itself down to insert itself into the water making sure your rig has not tangled,


This is also massively affective when using a marker rod as the lead and float can tangle and not plumb the depth when you find a nice gravel or clay patch witch is a massive waste of time and effot. This is also the first stage in feeling your lead down but we will save that for another day. Take care and tight lines

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hello fellow carpers

  • Hi angler’s, I wanted to start blogging about carp fishing as I enjoy it so much and wanted get more involved in the community. I have spent time on the bank as a kid with my younger brother but never for carp and around 6 months ago we decided to just get a rod and start going again so we did! It was marvelous, so good in fact we did it every Sunday no matter what! But that ends up with blanks and we wanted to start taking it seriously, so we got our heads together and got reading, we tryed different baits & end tackle, learnt how to read the weather and “follow the carp”. And have been trying to master the art of feeling the lead down, we have been to a couple of fisheries around the west Midlands. We have had some great days but also we have had some horrendous ones and kook forward to sharing, idea’s and gain knowledge with everyone. Take care and tight lines IMAG0661

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